Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rules for Blogging

So I've learned something very valuable in the last 2 weeks, and food bloggers will appreciate my hard-learned lesson.

What am I babbling about? Photography and timing are what I'm talking about...

I said at the end of my last post that I was making cake balls and potstickers for a work pot luck. And I absolutely promise that I made them, but lesson #1 was learned- NEVER plan to "finish the last batch" of something the morning of whatever it's for. I had one more batch of cake balls to dip and one more batch of potstickers to cook, and it was pretty late at night, so I said "Hey, I don't go to work till 11, I have time in the morning!"

WRONG. lol

The Hubs ended up going into to work late that morning because of health issues he was dealing with, causing me to be behind. So I ended up taking one batch of naked cake balls and fewer potstickers in to work.

Lesson #2 was learned at work... anyone who's ever had a cake ball knows how delicious they are. Considering my coworkers had never had cake balls before, they devoured them like the world was going to implode that night! So I wasn't able to get photos of anything that day.

This all leads into the Barefoot Bloggers first Thursday recipe, Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes. Like other bloggers I've seen, I also omitted the olives because I felt the brine flavour of the capers and the vinegar flavor was enough vinegar-y flavor and Hubs isn't a huge fan of olives. I was actually expecting him to really hate this because there wasn't any meat, it uses sun-dried tomatoes (which he tends to turn his nose up at), and the only cooking to it was cooking the pasta! My saving grace?

Four-cheese tortellini!

Instead of using a mix of simple pastas, I bought a pound of fresh four-cheese tortellini and tossed those in the "dressing". Heavens to Betsy was this delicious... I will absolutely be making it again. And even better is that the Hubs LOVED it! :-O I actually may try it with more dressing, simple pasta, and cut up cooked chicken breast for more of a meal next time.

But I digress... Once again, I was unable to get a picture of this lovely concoction, because my timing sucks. I made it after coming home from work, so there was no good lighting. I went to take a picture in the morning sun, and found the bowl empty! Mother-in-law and Hubs had taken all of it for their lunches! lol

Moral of the food blogger story: Time your recipes carefully, not only for the sake of completedness, but also for the sake of photographic integrity.

*slinks away sheepishly* I promise I will get more on the ball this month!

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Anonymous said...

This is completely off topic for this post but I saw one of your posts from back in November about your Andouille search...I'm a Native Vancouverite but I've wanted to find that sausage so I could try it. What was the name of the store you found it in? Thanks!