Monday, April 27, 2009

Barefoot Bloggers travel to France!

So the second recipe for Barefoot Bloggers this month was Ina's take on the Croque Monsieur. Being the relatively uncultured, I had no idea what this would involve. I knew it was a sandwich that I had to use copious amounts of cheese.

Holy. Wow. If you ever get a cheese craving, this will squash that in a heartbeat. Thank you a million times over, Kathy from All Food Considered, because this was ah-mazing.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but (like the Brownie Pudding) this was the second attempt at taking a picture before they were inhaled! Who knew that my mother-in-law, who is not a fan of dijon or Gruyere, would love them so much?!

My only cheat? They are entirely vegetarian! Instead of ham, I used another Yves Veggie Cuisine item, called "Veggie Ham", and it was actually really good. The Hubs was completely fooled. :-D

To try and make up for all of the cheese, I added some fresh veggies and dip (which isn't pictured). Of course, Hubs passed on the vegetables, but I just couldn't let those cute little asparagus and broccoli spears and red pepper pieces go to waste, so that was my lunch plate for the afternoon.

Like always, check out the other BB members for their ridiculously gorgeous pictures.

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Christie said...

I love that you tricked the hubby! Yours looks delicious! :)